EPS AC power steering 24-48V 50-70A

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Product information

This is a compact and cost effective steering through wires controller for 24/48V forklifts equipped with AC-steering motors up to 500W. It is suitable for handlebar and joystick for forklift. Microprocessor technology, combined with the CAN bus communication system, ensures an effortless steering command facility, with a number of advanced features:

  • Steering sensitivity decreases when truck speed increases.
  • Truck speed decreases in proportion to the angle of the steered wheels.
  • A nonlinear relationship between the steering wheel and the position controlled wheel angle can be created.
  • Upon request, the steering command can come from an external device via CAN bus to meet the requirements of EN954-1: Category 3 Standard.

Technical details

  • Rated voltage: 24V 36V 48V
  • Maximum current:
  • EPS AC0: 50A (45A @ 48V)
  • EPS AC0 WG: 70A
  • Dimensions: 120x150x55 mm
  • Can-Bus
  • Dual Microprocessors can both connect Bus
  • Flash memory
  • Environmental Protection: IP54 or IP65 (with Ampseal connector)


Available are:

F07115 EPS AC-0 24/36V 50A
F07012 EPS AC-0 With AMP Seal
F07091 EPS AC 24-36V 70A
F07092 EPS AC 24-80V 50A
F07093 EPS AC 48V 70A
F07102 EPS AC 24/36V 70A C/2 POT
F07103 EPS AC 24-36V 70A M/PASSO
F07104 EPS AC 48V 70A M/PASSO
F07105 EPS AC 48-80V 50A M/PASSO
F07112 EPS AC WG 24-36V 70A
F07113 EPS AC WG 48V 70A
F07114 EPS AC WG 48-80V 50A

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