SEM X series

SEM X controller 24-36V 70-110A

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    The SEM-X controller is suitable for pallet trucks, floor washing machines and small capacity electro tractors, equipped with DC shunt motors up to 700W.

    General features: MOSFET technology, microprocessor, memory failure, digital programming via console, regenerative braking.

    Technical details:
    Power supply: 24 ≤ 36V
    Maximum current: 110A
    High Frequency
    Internal time counter
    Internal Battery Indicator (FDI)
    serial connection
    Meets European CE standards
    IP64 protection
    Dimensions: 120 x 140 x 48 mm

    Available are:
    SEM X 24V 70A
    SEM X 24V 90A
    SEM X 24V 110A

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