SEM 2 series

SEM 2 controller 24-80V 280-500A

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Product information

This controller is designed for reach trucks, medium lift trucks and electro tractors, equipped with DC separately energized motors within a power range of 2.5 to 5.5kW.

General features: MOSFET technology, microprocessor, memory failure, digital programming via console, regenerative braking.

Technical details:
Power supply: 24 ≤ 80V
Maximum current:
(24.36 V) 500A
(48v) 350 A
(72.80 v) 280A
High Frequency: 16 kHz
Internal time counter
Internal Battery Indicator (FDI)
serial connection
Meets European CE standards
IP54 protection
Dimensions – 150 x 367 x 85 mm

Available are:

FS2049 SEM 2D 24V 350A (380A BOOSTER)
FS2020 SEM 2D 24V 350A (550A BOOSTER)
FS3008 SEM 2D 36V 350A (380A BOOSTER)
FS3017 SEM 2D 36V 500A (550A BOOSTER)
FS2019 SEM 2D 48V 350A (380A BOOSTER)
FS5020 SEM 2D 48V 250A (300A BOOSTER)
FS5027 SEM 2D 48V 350A
FS7002A SEM 2D 72V 280A (320A BOOSTER)
FS7004 SEM 2D 72V 250A
FS8012 SEM 2D 80V 280A (320A BOOSTER)
FS8019 SEM 2D 80V 250A

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