H3D series

H3D controller 48-96V 800-1200A

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Product information

This controller is suitable for controlling medium and large capacity electric vehicles, such as forklifts or heavy electric tractors, with DC series motors from 10 kW to 30 kW.

General features: MOSFET technology, microprocessor, memory failures, digital programming via console, regenerative braking (traction control).

Technical details:
Power voltage: 36 ≤ 120V
Maximum current:(24 ≤ 96 V) 800 ≤ 1000A(120V) 800A
High Frequency: 16 kHz
Internal time counter
Internal Battery Indicator (FDI)
Serial connection
Meets European CE standards
IP44 protection
Dimensions: 280 x 380 x 120 mm

Available are:

FH5119 H3D 48V 800A
FH5118 H3D 48V 1000A
FH8088 H3D 80V 800A
FH9044 H3D 96V 800A
FH8087 H3D 80V 1000A
FH9043 H3D 96V 1000A on demand
FH9045 H3D 120V 800A on demand

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