AC 1 controller 24V 250A SSL

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Product information

The AC-1 inverter is suitable for order pickers and stackers pallet trucks equipped with motors up to 2.5kW.
Sensorless / Sense Coil Type
Same as above, but with ZAPI patented sensorless / sensor coil control algorithm for use with encoderless AC motor .

Technical details

Power part
Power supply: 24V
Maximum current: 250A
Current booster: 10 Imax 10”
Continuous output power: 2500W
Ambient temperature: -30 ° +40 ° C
Maximum temperature of the heat sink: 75 °C (begins to reduce current)

Dimensions: 150x210x74 mm
Connector: Molex Minifit
Protection: IP54
Available with fins heatsink

9 digital inputs (input range -Batt ÷ +Batt)
3 Analog inputs (input range 0 ÷ 12V)
1 incremental encoder port
4 Outputs to – Batt:
1 output to + Batt

Other features
Flash memory
CAN interface
serial connection

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