Inverter 24V DC to 230V AC 2000W

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Product information

This pure sine inverter series converts 24 V DC battery voltage into real 230 V AC (max. 2000 W). It allows the use of 230 V devices where there is only 24 V DC (such as in a car or a boat). Suitable for 1x grounded socket.

This pure sine wave output is the same as from the socket at home or even better. The difference between pure sinus and the more common modified sinus inverters is that pure sinus inverters are more universal. This is due to its pure wave output. Some sensitive devices may not work with the more common modified sinus inverters and will give malfunctions or will not work. Pure sine inverters also provide better image and sound with audio and video equipment.

High-end audio & video equipment, laptops, gaming systems, wireless tool chargers, kitchen appliances (including PHILIPS SENSEO), devices with varying speed engines, measuring equipment, electric razors, oxygen concentrators, fax machines, garage door openers, other sensitive electrical appliances.

Product description

• Entrance voltage: 21.4 – 33 V
• Full input flow: 120 A
• Standby input flow: • Output voltage (AC): 230 V ± 3
• Starting bus: 1x
• Type of socket: Schuko
• Waveform: Pure sine wave
• Output frequency: 50 Hz ±3 Hz
• Continuous output power: 2000 W
• Peak output: 4000 W • Efficiency: ≥85
• Low voltage protection: 20 V DC
• Low voltage alarm: 21.4 V   DC
• Thermal protection: Yes
• Cooling: Fan
• Surge Protection: Yes
• Surge voltage: 33 V DC
• AC short circuit protection: Yes
• Polarity Protection: Yes
• Dimensions: 415x283x100 mm
• Weight: 5900 g

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