Lever PR2

Control lever 2 directions

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The PR2 two way throttle allows control of both direction and speed by means of a lever or a pedal and can be used as a manual throttle or foot pedal.
Mechanical installation and electrical connections are very easy. The accelerator pedal comes complete with wiring (approx. 5 cm) and connector. The aluminum structure guarantees high efficiency and long life, even when used in environments with a high level of humidity. The precise mounting on the ground shaft guarantees very little mechanical wear and the absence of play.
Running is made possible by cam-operated switches and speed control is done via a 5 + 5 kOhm potentiometer tapped in the center.
The accelerator pedal can be supplied with or without a lever according to the application. A short lever of 50 mm or a 110 mm long lever available. In addition, the short lever can be combined with a button to obtain a manual accelerator pedal.

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