7-speed automatic 12V 5A battery charger

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Fully automatic 7-step battery charger. Automatic charging of the battery prevents it from being overcharged. The charger can therefore remain connected to the battery. The 7-step charging technique is a complicated and precise charging process that improves the life and performance of your battery. The charger is suitable for almost all types of batteries including calcium, gel and AMG batteries. In addition, with this charger it is possible to restore empty and sulphated batteries.

Input power 154W 307W 554W
Output current 5000mA 10000mA 20000mA
Dimensions 190x115x62 mm 190x115x62 mm 215x115x62 mm

• Input voltage: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
• Minimum starting voltage: 2 V
• Fuse: 250 V AC, T3.15 A
• Efficiency: ± 85%
• Over voltage protection: 17.5 V
• Thermal protection: 70 ° C
• Deep cycle: 70-200Ah
• Battery types: Most types of lead-acid batteries with calcium, gel and AGM
• Dimensions: 190x115x62 mm
• Weight: 1.05 Kg
• Short circuit protection
• Polarity protection

1. Desulphation
2. Soft start
3. Bulk charging
4. Absorption
5. Battery test
6. Recover
7. Trickle charge

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